The City of Dallas TX

Dallas is the 9th biggest city in the USA which is located in the 4th largest metropolitan area in the nation. The city covers a total area of 343 square miles approximately with a population of 1,241,162. This city is the number 1 destination for leisure and recreation in Texas for its ultra modern and sophisticated atmosphere.Dallas windshield replacement

Local and international visitors can easily come to this city with top of the line transportation system this city has. The city of Dallas TX has two airport; the DFW International Airport which one of the busiest airports in the world with 1,750 flights per day, and there is also Dallas Love Field Airport which is only 10 minutes from Dallas downtown. From the airport, visitors can ride DART, which is a sophisticated light rail system, or they can also ride the McKinney Avenue Trolley that will take them from the Dallas Arts District to the Uptown area where there are various shops, pubs, restaurants, and boutique hotels.

The city of Dallas TX is also the largest economic center within the metroplex area of Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington and the 6th largest in the country. in 2012 this city has a real GDP of $420.34 billion and a year later it was named as the city with the largest year over year increase in employment. Today, Dallas is the 4th largest employment center in the country that provides over 3 million non-farm jobs.


Spanish claimed the Texas territory in the 18th century, even though later on France also claimed the area, they never really established a lot of settlement in the area. The United States and Spain signed the Adams-Onis Treaty in 1819 to define the northern boundary of the New Spain which was set at the Red River at that time. The treaty actually put the location of Dallas in Spanish territory. 3 years later in 1821, the territory became a part of the Mexican state when they gained their independence from Spain. The Anglo-American settlers in the area then formed the Republic of Texas and gained their independence from Mexico in 1836.

The settlement in Dallas itself was first established in 1841 by John Neely Bryan near the Trinity River. Dallas County was established a year after The Republic of Texas was annexed by the US in 1845, and in 1856 it was finally incorporated as a city. Dallas also host one of the most¬†reputable auto glass repair centers in America with Bill’s Auto Glass of Plano.Dallas auto glass

Since the early decades, business growth in Dallas was very promising especially after the construction of railroads in this area. It transformed this city into a thriving business and trading center, soon workers from Texas, the South and the Midwest began to flood this new industrial city that offered a lot of job opportunities.

However, the history of Dallas is not always about victorious progress and development. One of the gloomiest historical events in America also took place in this city. On November 22, 1963, when the presidential motorcade passed through downtown Dallas, President John F. Kennedy was assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald.


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