The City of Allen TX

Located in Collin County, Texas, the city of Allen is a nice resting place for people from big cities. It’s a pretty quiet place with only about 90,000 total population scattered in the area of 27.1 square miles. The city of Allen TX also has lots of good restaurants and hotels to accommodate visitors, and for those who enjoy outdoor activities, there are about 50 miles of nature and hiking trails as well as 800 acres of developed park land to explore.Allen TX windshield replacement


When the European immigrants first came in the 1840s, this area was inhabited by the natives from the Caddo and Comanche tribes before they finally migrated west after having several conflicts with the settlers. The town itself was established in 1872 by the Houston and Central Texas Railroad, and it’s also named after a railroad promoter and politician, Ebenezer Allen.

The railroad really played a vital role in the town’s economy since it facilitated the sale of crops across the country. Before it was incorporated in 1953, Allen was just a small town with just a few hundred residents. But after it was incorporated, this small town changed dramatically into a beautiful small city especially after the development of Dallas and Plano, and the construction of the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport and the U.S. Route 75.


The United States Census Bureau estimated that the city of Allen TX had a population of 92,020 people in 2013. 64.9% of the population is White, and the others are African American (8.4%), Asian (13.9%), Native American (0.5%), Hispanic/Latino (16.2%), Pacific Islander (2.9%) Mixed Race (1.7%), and other races (2.9%).

The majority of the people living in Allen are within the productive age between 25 to 44 years old, which made up 40.7% of the total population. That’s why the city of Allen becomes a productive small city that keeps on developing.Bill's Auto Glass in Allen, TX

A Good Place To Live And Visit

The city of Allen TX is known for its hospitality and family friendliness. It’s named as one of the best places to move and one of the best retirement places by the Forbes. Money Magazine also named it several times as one of the best places to live. even named this city as one of the safest cities in Texas.

This city has lots of public schools, a college, and you also have the access to world class healthcare. This city also has become the destination for high-end shopping in Far North Dallas. All these facts have attracted many visitors from all over the country, and many of them finally decided to move to Allen.

That’s probably why this city has become one of the most active locations for housing construction in DFW, and every year the number keeps increasing. The city of Allen TX gave permit to 431 single family housing units in 2013, which was slightly higher from 2012. Considering the total housing units in 2010 was only 28,877 according to the census bureau, the number of new housing construction was quite large.


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