The City of Carrollton TX

Carrollton is an active corporate and residential community located in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth area. With low business cost and strategic location, the city of Carrollton TX has attracted moreCarrollton windshield replacement than 9,000 businesses that gave huge contribution to the city’s economy. Some of the largest economic sectors in Carrollton are wholesale trades, construction trades and manufacturing, then there are also real estate, insurance and finance.


The first settlers in this area came in the 1840s and purchased land from the Peters Colony.These industrious families came to the area with a hope for prosperity. Most settlers that first came to the area were farmers, they made use of the rich soil to plant crops. However, there were also some professionals like doctors, lawyers, teachers, and preachers among these settlers, since they couldn’t farm mostly they raised cattle and sheep. Many of Carrollton auto glassthese early settlers originated from Carrollton, Illinois, and that’s how the city of Carrollton TX got its name.

Trinity Mills was a very important element for the town’s economy during its early years. In the 1850s, people from miles away came to have their wheat and corn grind into flour and meal. Since the early 20th century, cotton became the backbone of Carrollton’s economy. In the beginning of the 1900s there were 13 cotton gins built in the area that helped the settlers process the cotton before being shipped throughout the nation. In 1924, Carrollton was estimated to produce 300 bales of cotton crop.

Another thriving industry in the early 1900s in Carrollton was brick manufacturing. The Carrollton Pressed Brick Company was built on the northeast of the Town Square and soon changed the face of the city. Some of the earliest known structures made by pressed bricks are the Belle Allen home, the Gravley Hardware store, the chimney and fireplace in the Wade H. Perry home (one of the earliest settler who owned a large land) the Vandergriff building, and many others.

Quality of Life

Besides economy advantage in this fast growing city, Carrollton also has everything needed to get the life quality at its best. That’s why it keeps attracting new people to move to this city. In 2013 the population of this city was 126,700 people and the number keeps increasing making it one of the most populous city in Texas. It was named several times by Money Magazine and Relocate America as one of the best places to live in America.

The city of Carrollton TX is ideal for families. It has a safe environment great education system, healthcare, as well as recreational facilities. There are more than 35 schools (public and private) in the city and most colleges in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are only 30 minutes away. This city also has world-class healthcare facilities such as Baylor Medical Center and LTAC (Long Term Acute Care) hospitals.

Carrollton has more than 1,230 acres of developed park and, based on land per capita, it’s one of the highest within the Metroplex area. It also has 2 recreation centers, museums, amphitheater, tennis center, swimming facility, and so much more.


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