The City of Denton TX

Denton is the 11th largest city in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex with a population of 113,383 according to the 2010 United State Census. This city is best known for its music festivals including 35 Denton Music Festival which is an annual event, Denton Arts and Jazz Festival at Civic Center Park, and Denton windshield replacementthe annual North Texas State Fair and Rodeo that already began in 1928 performing the cowboy culture and other shows including country-rock music, pageants and food contests. Those events and many other live music events could attract more than 300,000 visitors to the city every year.

The city of Denton TX is also known for being a “college town” with two respected universities located within its city limits, the University of North Texas and Texas Woman’s University hosting more than 45,000 students. The growth of these universities contribute greatly to Denton’s economy from educational services.


The history of the city of Denton TX is very much related to the Denton County. The story begins with a land grant given by the Texas Congress to William S. Peters from Kentucky in the mid 1800s, the land is later named Peters Colony when the first white settlement began to form. In 1846, Denton County was officially formed on Peters Colony by the Texas Legislature. Both the Denton County and the city of Denton TX were named after John B. Denton, a lawyer and a preacher who was killed during a battle in 1841 by Kichai People, a Native American tribe who occupied northeastern Texas.

Denton windshield replacementDenton is one of the cities in Texas that grew very fast. After being incorporated in 1866 it became the center of agricultural trade for mill and cottage industries. The real population growth in this area started after the first rail connection was established in 1881. With the growing population, they started to build the educational facilities including the North Texas Normal College in 1890 that later became the University of North Texas, and the Girls Industrial College in 1903 that later became Texas Woman’s University. Denton is home of the North Texas Screaming Eagles football team which over the years are becoming more competitive. Lets see if the near future this team can bring pride to the City of Denton, Texas.

Denton Economic Growth and Population

The city’s fast development was causing the population to grow rapidly. The population in the city of Denton TX was nearly doubled in 2 decades period from 1960 to 1980. The growth of its education sector and the opening of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport in 1974 have boosted the economy and brought more people to the city. More improvement in the city’s economy that influenced the population were the forming of big companies in Denton such as Morison Milling in the 1980s. The population was growing fast and in the year 2000 there’s already more than 80,000 people living in Denton. I consider that a decent jump for such a growing city on the rise. Just north up the road a bit is the quaint little city of Sanger which I personally would like to visit whenever I would head up there to do a Denton windshield replacement.

Denton was regarded as the 230th largest city in the USA and the 27th largest in Texas according to the 2010 US Census with a population of 113,383 occupying more than 46,200 housing units. 73% of the population is white, the others are African American (4.1%), Native American (0.8%), Pacific Islander (0.1%), Asian (4.1%) and mixed races (3.2%).


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