The City of Frisco TX

Frisco is located about 25 minutes from Dallas Love Field Airport and Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. With two Frisco Auto Glassmajor highways passing the area (north-south and east-west), the city of Frisco TX is sitting right on the path of rapid growth. That’s why in 2009 Frisco was named as the fastest growing city in the United States. However, not a lot of big business found in this city, instead because it has a great access and transportation system, Frisco became a “Bedroom Community” or also known as a Commuter Town. Most of its residents are working in other cities within the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Most businesses found in Frisco are retails to serve its residents’ needs.


Rich soil, water, and transportation. Those were the three main elements that made people came to Frisco and those were also the elements that helped Frisco to grow rapidly to become the city we know today.

The first settlers in this area were those who travelled along the Shawnee Trail. This was the trail from Austin to the Red River built to connect to the north-south road that led to the northern Texas which was a trading center at that time. The city of Frisco TX is standing right on top of the Shawnee Trail, which later become Preston Trail, and then known as the Preston Road. There were so many wagon trains and cattle drives passing through this road bringing immigrants to Texas.

However, what finally really gave birth to the city of Frisco was the railroad that began its construction in 1849 in Missouri. The Pacific Railroad Company built a line from St. Louis to the western boundary of Missoury, and 35 years later it became a part of the St. Louis, San Fransisco Railroad, that later shortened to “Frisco” by the men at depot stations along the line.


Frisco windshield replacement

According to the 2010 census, the population of Frisco was 116,989 people, that’s almost three times the population in 2000 which was only 33,714 people. As of February 1, 2015 it’s estimated that the population of Frisco was at 145,900 people.

Leisure and Recreation

The city of Frisco TX offers various fun activities and places of interests for people of all ages. Whether you enjoy arts and culture, sports, or shopping, Frisco has something for everyone.

For visitors, Frisco has an abundant accommodations on all service levels. Sports fans can enjoy minor league baseball, amateur hockey, or professional soccer and arena football.

The Stonebriar Centre or IKEA is a great place for shopping that also serves as a recreation center. Besides shopping in specialty shops, you can also enjoy the movie theaters, restaurants, ice skating rink, and many more. Frisco is really one of the best destinations for shopping recreation in the Southwest.

You can find bronze cattle drive depictions all over the city that brings the Shawnee trail to life, and if you’re interested in history you can also visit the Museum of the American Railroad and the Heritage Museum. Frisco also has a lot of art centers such as Frisco Discovery Center, Texas Sculpture Garden & International Art, Frisco Community Arts, it also has a Public Art Program that gives the city a fantastic look with many astounding publicly displayed art.


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