The City of Garland TX

Garland is a part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. It’s a city that has a large area of about 57 square miles located in Garland Auto Glassthe northeast of Dallas. Almost its entire area is located within Dallas County, while a small portion of its area is in Collin County.


In 1874 there were two growing communities in the area, Embree and Duck Creek. There was a rivalry between the two towns as they grew around the Santa Fe Railroad. One of the things they were arguing about was regarding where the local post office should be located. But the dispute finally ended up being a good thing because the Dallas County Judge, Thomas Nash gave an order to move the post office in an area between Embree and Duck Creek. This new location was later named Garland and after that all three areas were combined together to form the city of Garland TX.


After the city was incorporated in 1891 there were only several hundred people live in it. In 1904 the total population was Garland windshield replacementonly 819 people, but as the city was developing with the construction of an electrical generator plant in 1920, Byer-Rolnick hat factory in 1930, and radio antenna tower in 1937, the population was started to increase greatly. Several aircraft plants were also built in the city of Garland TX during the war. These developments increased the population of Garland significantly, and by the 1950 the population has reached 10,000 people.

During the population boom era after the second world war, Garland’s population jumped almost 4 times in a decade. From 10,000 in 1950, the population increased to 38,500 in 1960. It continued to grow and according to the 2010 census the population of the city of Garland TX has reached 226,876 people.

Garland Economy

After the city had an electrical generator in 1920, the industry and business sector in Garland was started to develop. But the development had to stop when the city was struck by a devastating F4 tornado in 1927 that killed 15 people.

After struggling for about a decade to rebuilt the city, in the late 1930s business finally back in Garland. One of the earliest big companies that run their business in Garland was the Craddock food company. The aircraft plants that operated in Garland during the second world war also provided jobs to many people who lived in Garland. in the 1940s Garland became a major onion shipping point that’s considered very important for the economy of Texas at that era.

But perhaps the most notable business in Garland is Resistol Hats company. This company has been manufacturing premium hats in Dallas from 1927. The name “Resistol” was chosen to imply that the hats they produce can “resist all” weather conditions. The company moved to Garland in 1938 because they needed a larger facility as the company was expanding. Until today the company is still operating in Garland manufacturing their high quality Resistol Hats.

Some other industries can be found in this city include food processors, dairy products, aluminum die casting, oilfield equipment, steel fabrication, and electronics. Also to note the famous Bill’s Auto Glass, that’s been providing windshield replacement in Garland since the 90’s.


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