The City of Grapevine TX

Grapevine is located in northeast Tarrant County, with a small part of its area located in Dallas and Denton Counties. The name of the city is taken from the native grapes commonly found in the area. In recent years there are also several wineries being opened in the city of Grapevine TX. Texas is known for being the fifth largest wine producing state in the Grapevine windshield replacementUSA, and Grapevine has its own reputation as the headquarters of the Texas wine industry.

With a large part of Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport located within its city limits, Grapevine has good economy and sufficient infrastructure. That’s why in 2007 it was named as one of the best places to live in the USA by


The history of Grapevine begins in October 1843, when General Samuel Houston together with fellow Republic of Texas Commissioners had a meeting with leaders of 10 Indian nations. The meeting took place at Tah-Wah-Karro Creek, which also known as Grape Vine Springs. This meeting resulted in the agreement that opened the area for settlers. The new settlement that was formed soon after the agreement was named “Grape Vine” because it’s located on Grape Vine Prairie close to Grape Vine Springs.

General Richard Montgomery Gano was one of the most respected figures during the early years of Grape Vine. He was a Protestant minister, physician and a brigadier general in the Confederate Army who moved to Grape Vine with his family to practice medicine and began farming. He gave a great help for the settlers to fight against Comanche raiding parties before he finally joined the American Civil War.

During the 19th century the growth of this area was not too great but it was steadily improving. In 1890 Grape Vine already had lots of public facilities such as railroad service, post office, public school, newspaper, and also several cotton gins to keep the business rolling in the area. By that time, the population in Grape Vine was 800 people.

The name Grape Vine finally changed into Grapevine (one word) on January 12, 1914.

TourismGrapevine auto glass

In modern day, the economy of Grapevine is mostly centered around the tourism industry. The city of Grapevine TX has lots of historical sites to visit and various other tourist attractions. Being the headquarter of Texas wine industry, Winery tasting rooms is one of the main attractions you can find in Grapevine.

Glockenspiel Clock Tower, Art Galleries and Museums, Legoland, Sea Life Grapevine Aquarium, Vintage Railroad, you can go back in time to explore the history of the West left in this area and you can still have a lot of fun with the whole family, Grapevine has something for everyone.

This city also has lots of great restaurants, hotels and resorts to accommodate the visitors. If you love shopping, the city of Grapevine TX has more than 80 shops to satisfy your needs. There are lots of boutiques, and jewelry shops, you can also visit the Grapevine Mills Mall, Bass Pro Shops and Grapevine Towne Center.


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