The City of Lewisville TX

Lewisville is a dynamic suburban in the North Texas region which is the home for about 100,000 residents. Safe Lewisville auto glassneighborhood, quality schools, various family recreational sites, many job opportunities, making this city an ideal place to live and raise a family.

Its strategic location between two major highways and only a few minutes from the DFW International AIrport makes a lot of major corporations chose the city of Lewisville TX as their place to do business. It also makes this city become an access to the rest of North Texas.

With a warm climate and its proximity to Lewisville Lake, the city of Lewisville TX is a perfect destination for family recreation for the people living within Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex or other areas. The municipal government of Lewisville is really focusing on recreational and cultural investments in this city especially on facilities such as the MCL Grand Theater and Toyota of Lewisville Park to improve their tourism industry.


Like all other cities in Denton County, settlers began to inhabit the land in the 1840s. At that period, the Republic of Texas was giving a grant to the Peters Colony to bring 600 families to occupy the land all over the area that later became Denton County. Each family was given 640 acres, while each bachelor received 320 acres of land. By 1846, all the grant land have already been distributed and Denton County was finally formed.

The families of John and Augusta King were the first to settle in Lewisville in 1844, and soon several other families followed and settled on the western part of their land.

After the construction of Dallas and Wichita Railroad was finished in 1875, many new settlers moved near the railroad. But soon they had to move uphill and to the west of Mill and Main Streets because those areas often flooded by the Trinity River. On the new location, a grist mill was constructed so the people can easily process their crops.

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In 1925 there are about 850 residents in Lewisville and there wasn’t any significant increase in the population until the 1940s. After the construction of the Lewisville Lake Dam in 1960, the population started to increase dramatically from only 1,500 people in 1950 to 4,000 in the late 1960s. When The real estate business was starting blossom in Lewisville the population was 9,200 people and the numbers kept adding up and it reached 25,000 by 1980. After 1980 until today, Lewisville is known as an employment center that attracted a lot of people from all over the nation to move to this lovely city, and today there are more than 100,000 people who call the city of Lewisville TX their home.

Leisure & Recreation

You can never get bored in this city, there are plenty of choices if you want to recreation and fun activities in Lewisvile, from movies to roller skates, from bowling to golf. You can always find cultural entertainment, art performance and exhibitions in the city. The city of Lewisville TX is also known for its regular festivals such as the famous Western Days festival, Highland Village Balloon festival, Lebanese Food festival, and music festivals in the summer.


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