Little Elm

One of the most important facts about Little Elm, TX is that its rated in the top 50 cities to live in Texas with the least amount of crime. In fact, this city was actually given a federal award for being one the top safest cities in America. This reason alone is an important factor for ranking it as one of the bestLittle Elm, TX cities to live in the Dallas area. Aside from Little Elm having such a safe city, there are other benefits too. Little Elm, Texas is a healthy growing city. What I mean by that is that there are new construction going up all over the city. From improved city roads to the constant recreational additions. Being an avid softball player myself, I appreciate the special attention the fields are receiving. I would just be nice if it happened at a faster pace. If athletics isn’t your cup of tea Little Elm also has four major park hubs with multiple activities associated with them. There’s wonderful hiking areas as well as a relaxing pond to enjoy some fishing.

New Little Elm Services

The rule of thumb with all communities, as your population increases so shall services available. As a local business owner in Little Elm, its easy to appreciate the many new services around the city. That is always a good signal of a healthy city. Many new jobs are becoming available as well with all the new business arriving in town. From new restaurants or needed construction workers the cycle can only be a promising sign for the City of Little Elm. On a side note there are some really great restaurants for BBQ or fish if that sounds tasty. Although the service could be a little more attentive, but I won’t name names.

Lake Shore Living

If you or your family do decide to pack up and join the populace of Little Elm, TX there is some tantalizing plots available if you have the extra cash to invest. Little Elm has some of the most if not the most lake shore bordering their city. After a quick internet search Little Elm indeed does have the greatest amount of shoreline in the Dallas/Ft Worth metro area. And with a lake comes beaches in some cases and Little Elm has a very large beach for that weekend needed break from anything or everything. Oh, and has anyone been to an amphitheater that is actually on the water. Well if you go to Little Elm that’s just one of the wonderful things to enjoy from this city on the rise.

Appeal of Little Elm

Aside from the beautiful shoreline (most in DFW) Little Elm has more then plenty to offer for a growing city. We have already hit upon one of the major factors of how safe it is here, but what else. The housing here is diverse enough that it is practical for most needs. Another thing is that the education system in Little Elm is definitely an underrated program and seems to be getting more and more recognition as of late.


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