The City of Plano TX

Plano has been named several times by CNN money Magazine as one of the best places to live in the USA. In 2010 and 2011 Forbes also selected the city of Plano TX as the safest city in the United States. No wonder in 2010 this city became the 70th most populous city in America.Plano Auto Glass

Not only safe, Plano also has some of the best schools in the country. The schools in this city consistently score among the highest in the US, they keep a high school graduation rate at about 94% until today and always have some of the highest test scores in America. Many experts believe that this success is due to the low student-teacher ratio in Plano, which is 14 to 1. In fact, that’s actually the lowest student-teacher ratio in the US. That’s why in 2014 Plano was regarded as the 10th best suburb in education.

Another thing that makes the city of Plano TX one of the best places to live in America is the economy. In 2007, CNN Money named Plano as the wealthiest city in the US, and in 2008, based on the number of median household income, the United States Census Bureau also declared Plano as the wealthiest city.

There are always a lot of visitors in Plano all year round, and most of them are business travelers (about 80%). That’s because there are so many corporations operating in Plano, but not only that, its close proximity to Dallas is also causing the sheer number of business travelers passing or staying in this city for a few days.


Settlers started to come to this area in the 1840s. At first there were not so many of them, but after some facilities were built such as a gristmill, a sawmill and a store, more people started to come. More people brought more progress to the area, and when the Houston and Central Texas Railway’s construction was finished in 1972, the city grew even faster. After it was incorporated in 1873, within a year period the population grew to over 500 in 1974.

The people were starting to think of a name for their town after the mail service was established in the area that needed a name. There were several different names suggested including to name it after the president Millard Fillmore, but then they finally came up with the name “Plano”, which is a Spanish word for “flat” like the terrain characteristics in the area.Plano windshield repair service.


Recreation in Plano

Even though most visitors are doing business travel in the city of Plano TX, there are also many people who come to this city for recreational purposes. Plano has lots of city parks filled with large trees, very suitable for you to relax after a business meeting. Some of these parks are also connected by biking trails. Even though the city of Plano TX was not really built for tourism, it still has a number interesting recreational centers that you can visit such as Tom Muehlenbeck Center, Douglas Community Center, Carpenter Park Recreation Center, Liberty Recreation Center, and Oak Point Recreation Center. For Golf Lovers, this city has about 461.06 acres of golf courses.


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