The North Texas Style Blog

Dallas / Ft WorthAs a native Texan I have begun to appreciate the environment and culture we live around in North Texas. As a result I would like to share some of the highlights of some of the top cities in the Dallas / Ft Worth metro area. This is just my opinion so if your Texas city is not listed join the conversation and post what makes your city one of the best in Texas.


We would love to hear from the folks from some of the cities not listed. The Colony, TX is one we are thinking of using in the future as well as Murphy, the Garlandsmall town just west of Plano, TX. The beautiful city of Rockwall should have some input as well as Rowlett, Texas. Regardless of which city you reside in or would like to visit, each one has its own unique feature. Our beloved cities that many of us were raised in provide many awesome memories from our youth. Just like myself trekking down Duck Creek located in Garland. As teenagers we would fish for a fish known as a perch at or in Duck Creek. Everyday of every summer was an adventure to see how far we could make it before heading back. One summer probably around the year 1983 we went so far that we had the local Garland police department looking for us. It turns out that we were gone so long our parents got worried.


Then of course there was the time in Plano, TX were a group of us were being chased by a religious fanatics. This was several years later as a young man as some of myPlano Door Glass friends decided to visit a meeting at the now old abandoned church off of 15th. Tim decided he wanted to get cute and threw a rock at a window and of course glass was broken everywhere. The noise from the shattered window prompted the member’s inside to chase us down. Luckily we are all athletes and the at the time the dumb jocks were able to flee the seen. I don’t feel too bad for Tim escaping the wrath of those fanatics, a few months later he was riding in one of those old Ford F-150’s and had to apply the brakes or risk running into a wall. Needless to say that would have knocked some sense in the boy, but instead he got a nice bonk from not wearing his seat belt and hitting his head on the front windshield. Only a few stitches were needed but justice was served.


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